Web3 payment track unexpected winner emerge frequently, ALLPAY moves forward!

ALLPAY is a multi-chain compatible web3 payment scenario solution, aiming to help users enter the Web3 world for the first time by establishing a traditional user-friendly wallet generation method and payment channel. In terms of the current acceptance of cryptocurrencies, easy access to cryptocurrencies and consumer payments have become an irreversible trend. When you open the coinmap cryptocurrency map, the orange part represents merchants that accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide, and ALLPAY’s mission is to expand more cryptocurrency-friendly merchants to serve users with crypto assets worldwide.

The chart shows that Europe, North America and Japan and South Korea are more inclusive of cryptocurrency transactions, with Germany, Japan and South Korea in particular being the most prominent. For example, Germany recognized Bitcoin as legal private property back in 2013, and residents in Germany can use Bitcoin to pay for electricity, gas, and other living expenses, which makes it easy to live a normal life with Bitcoin. Singapore, with its extremely digital currency friendly policy, has also made digital currency friendly for basic aspects such as restaurants and taxi rides.

At this time when the bear market is about to end and the bull market is about to start, ALLPAY wallet is officially launched with user-friendly login function, flash exchange of fiat and digital currencies, convenient payment of digital currencies and other services to quickly lead more users into the Web3 world. ALLPAY also provides API/SDK access services for company users and project parties, and enterprise-level payment solutions to help platforms quickly complete the transformation. ALLPAY wallet currently supports public chains including Bitcoin, Ether, Polkadot, APTOS, BSC, Solana, etc. Users can conveniently manage digital assets on different chains on one platform to achieve a fast, secure and convenient wallet usage experience.

ALLPAY application scenarios and functions include.

1. Support users to generate decentralized wallets and manage private keys with one click through phone numbers and email addresses. This not only lowers the threshold of use but also invariably increases the overall user volume, which will certainly bring a larger financial market.

2. Credit card purchase of digital currencies: Traditional users can conveniently use credit cards to purchase digital currencies through our multi-chain wallets, without the need to understand the complex exchange operation process, simple and fast.

3. Digital asset management: Users can manage their digital assets on different chains in our wallets in a one-stop shop, including functions such as checking balances, sending and receiving digital currencies.

4. Decentralized Financial (DeFi) Applications: The wallet supports DeFi applications on multiple blockchains, allowing users to seamlessly experience different DeFi products on one platform. The technical decentralization process will make the property of the financial manager safer and allow better avoidance of technical risks.

5. Dapp: One click to access decentralized Dapp and seamlessly experience the on-chain ecology. Including but not limited to on-chain games, on-chain dating, decentralized finance, etc.

6. API/SDK service: support on/off ramp payment SDK/API embedding service. It is believed that in the near future there will be Power by ALLPAY payment figures in all corners of the network.

7. Use digital currency to buy wine, tickets, luxury goods and other services: We support USDT top-up to VISA card and MasterCard, and can directly bind PayPal, Grad and other payment tools to meet daily expenses using USDT.

Compared with the traditional crypto payment programs in the market, ALLPAY has achieved more simplicity, security and speed.

Firstly :Easier, the traditional crypto wallet has a long and complicated registration process, and the repeated verification of a large number of helper words makes the door card for new users to join greatly increased, which undoubtedly greatly limits the volume of users and makes this advanced technology exclusive to a very small number of people. This innovation not only facilitates the experience of all users, but also opens the door to web3 for the web2 world. It is foreseeable that in the near future, a large number of users will be able to join the wallet with great convenience, which will also bring a huge amount of fresh blood to the whole web3 world.

Secondly: Security, technically decentralized is the most secure storage and payment model, the entire network consists of users, no central system control, which means that no one can exceed the user’s own authority to move the user’s assets. And because it is decentralized technical support, so in terms of user security can prevent hacking, which is also the courage to launch a one-click generation of wallet this function of the bottom, so that users can do safe and convenient.

Thirdly: Faster, The problem with traditional cryptocurrency payments is that they cannot support large volume transactions on a global scale, such as Bitcoin, bustling European town fairs, you want to try exotic street food, which street vendor can wait 30 minutes to confirm the transaction? ALLPAY has partnered with Visa, MasterCard and others to bring the transaction speed down to less than 1 minute, pay with ALLPAY without consider national borders. Whether users pay with cryptocurrencies at local stores or transfer them to other countries, payments will be completed in the same time and at the same price.

We take the same track product Alchemy as an example, its platform governance Token ACH has been online on coinbase, binance, kucoin, huobi and other centralized exchanges, the highest increase of more than 8000%, and the project fever continues to soar, becoming the leading concept project in the payment segment. allPAY has a more convenient compared to alchemy ALLPAY has a more convenient way to create and login, integrated with more countries’ fiat channels, and a more complete DAPP ecosystem. At present, ALLPAY’s platform governance Token APC is about to land on a centralized exchange, and the continued price performance of APC is worth watching.

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