Month: December 2022

ForMetas — The leader of Blockchain Game 2.0

The epidemic has changed the way most of the world’s inhabitants socialize and entertain themselves. Many offline events have been moved online, such as graduation ceremonies on Animal Crossing, political meetings on Twitch, and concerts on Fortnite, and people have started to “keep social distance.” The home economy has given rise to the rapid expansion […]

NFT’s annual dark horse is coming! The popular animation IP “LALALACOCO” will log on to ANIMETA platform on December 23

Official news shows that the popular animation IP “LALALACOCO” is expected to log on to ANIMETA platform on December 23, with a total of 150 series of NFT works online. At that time, users all over the world can participate in rush buying through the home page of ANIMETA APP client. Selling Details of NFT […]

A peek at the privacy project Iron Fish from the background

1. Technical introduction Iron Fish is an easy-to-operate privacy protection trading platform based on Web3 technology. Whitepaper: Selling point: 1, No super technical background is required, everyone can use it 2, with top encryption method 3, Available for audit by financial institutions Its purpose is mainly to solve the pain points of slow cryptocurrency transactions, […]

A new generation of aggregated Web3 application platform ForMetas has established an ecological partnership with Cocos-BCX

BlockBeats news, on December 16, according to official news, ForMetas, a new generation of convergent Web3 application platform, and GameFi Service Provider Cocos-BCX officially reached a strategic cooperation and joined the Cocos-BCX ecosystem. Users can directly participate in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem through ForMetas, and at the same time, they can pay through $Cocos to play […]

BNB Chain Star of the Month – December

BNB Chain Star of the Month – December Let’s look for high-quality Web3 projects on BNB Chain this month. The projects introduced next include various fields such as DeFi, GameFi and even ultra-realistic 3D virtual character avatars. They were selected as the monthly stars in December. TapFantasy  Fantasy Metaverse, a virtual version of the acclaimed […]

What do you know about ACH transfers?

What is an ACH transfer?ACH transfers are everywhere. You may be using ACH transfers without realizing it. Direct deposit or online bill payment through a bank account are two examples of ACH transfers. Beyond that, you can use an ACH transfer to make a single or term deposit into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), taxable […]

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