SZR digital person, the new upstart in the global market

The SZR public chain of digital people is the world’s first public bottom public chain of digital people. It is a digital character image created by using digital technology and close to human image. It is a new technological revolution in human history. SZR has attracted strong attention from global blockchain enthusiasts since its launch, attracting the focus of major groups and investors.

In a narrow sense, digital human is the product of the integration of information science and life science. It is to use the methods of information science to simulate the shape and function of human body at different levels. Its research process includes four overlapping stages of development, “visible human”, “physical human”, “physiological human”, and “intelligent human”, and finally establishes a multi-disciplinary and multi-level digital model and achieves accurate simulation of human body from micro to macro. The “digital human” is expected to be able to replace the real person to complete many tasks that the real person cannot complete, such as the weightlessness area of the universe, the cold and anoxic area and the area inconvenient for long-term residence. And complete the automobile impact protection experiment, anti-nuclear experiment, anti-biochemical experiment and anti-biological weapon experiment that are injurious to real people. Due to the continuous upgrading of technology, more and more virtual digital people have entered our lives.

Digital artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data can be effectively combined and mutually compatible. On the blockchain-based network, the liquidity of big data will be significantly improved, and AI will play a greater role in value.

In terms of financing, from the perspective of industry classification, AR/VR complete machine or hardware is still a hot spot in the industry. At the same time, the digital human industry has grown significantly. Medical care is still the long-term focus of the vertical industry. Virtual social networking, virtual training, game entertainment are still the three unchanged focuses of AR/VR in recent years. From the perspective of regional classification, China has leapt to the second place in terms of total financing due to more than 22 years of AR brand financing events, surpassing the former financing regions of Britain and Israel.

The trend of acquisition and integration in the industry is also more obvious. It can be predicted that with the increasing market heat and audience, there will be another series of reshuffles. For example, although Meta was blocked in acquiring Within, it still acquired 6 companies in 22 years, including 3 content production companies. Niantic has acquired a very mature WebAR service provider, such as 8thWall, and Snap has acquired core hardware technologies such as Compound Photonics and NextMind. Everyone is expanding towards consolidating their own ecosystem.

Internationally, the industry has made steady progress without waiting for Apple to enter the market. At the same time, Meta laid off a large number of employees, and Magic Leap, a star start-up company, ha

s undergone a series of adjustments, with its sharp edge reduced, showing a mixed trend. Digital people are a very popular sector of investment and financing in 2022, with an annual financing amount of 593 million US dollars, accounting for 17%, ranking second in the industry category, which includes various virtual avatars, virtual idols and other digital person-related enterprises.

SZR Digital Man is a new generation of blockchain network, which integrates many disruptive innovations. As an important infrastructure of the “Internet of Value”, it combines advanced economic models and technologies such as blockchain defi+GameFi+sofi+Metaverse+NFT++DAO to create a “super planet” in the blockchain world. Participating in the global top 100 community nodes: Mana, Gala, Link, AXS, VDS and other well-known communities to jointly build community ecology; In addition, hundreds of global investment institutions have participated in the research of BTC, ETH, FIL, EOS and other early preachers; At that time, more than one thousand media organizations will cooperate with the community to be publicized. SZR Digital People is the world’s first to create multiple super-strong ecological layout and economic landing mechanism. Based on blockchain technology, SZR Digital People has developed a set of decentralized, low-cost and private global first decentralized digital people cloud space platform, and provided a complete scientific tool flow system. The artificial intelligence computing node in the SZR chain can be composed of various forms. Based on the Web3 ecosystem, a set of efficient and decentralized blockchain data index and query API service layer is built to make DApp data access easier and faster.

SZR will rely on blockchain technology to build the world’s first digital person consensus underlying public chain in the global perspective, and develop a variety of application scenarios, such as: AI data trading platform, multi-function wallet, MetaUniverse digital person, smart contract, hard human brain and nerve. Relying on a variety of application scenarios at different levels, create a unique industrial closed-loop, rely on Token as the link, realize the upgrading of the big data industry ecosystem, let the value transfer perfectly, and finally create the world’s first blockchain-based AI operating system, let the blockchain+AI will change all aspects of our lives.

The blockchain artificial intelligence public chain built by the SZR ecosystem has effectively realized the storage and encryption of big data. Other projects can also build a technology system suitable for individual users and enterprise users to use for distributed storage and the infrastructure for unified blockchain technology by issuing a pass on the SZR chain. The goal of SZR is to apply blockchain+AI technology to construct a trusted distributed SZR AI public chain that can both self-cycle and expand outward.



In this SZR ecosystem, information is relatively transparent and symmetrical. A large part of profits come from the realization of real value, and only a small part comes from information asymmetry (absolute symmetry does not exist;

In this SZR ecosystem, each business participant can minimize the trust friction of cooperation, make the distributed collaboration between all parties more simple, efficient and low-cost, and then concentrate resources on more advanced technologies, better products and better services to generate greater value;

In this SZR ecosystem, every natural person and every enterprise can find their own place, contribute their own value according to what they are good at, and get a relatively fair reward;

In this SZR ecosystem, blockchain technology should have room to develop in all aspects, including commercial activities and corresponding supporting economic activities;

In this SZR ecosystem, value is accompanied by high-speed transmission of business activities in an expanding closed-loop. The form of value may be goods, services or direct “funds”.

[SZR Digital Man] Technical advantages:

1. Decentralized data index protocol, anyone can create and publish index data based on its open API.

2. Provide a more convenient way for developers to obtain blockchain data.

3. It is to build an efficient and decentralized blockchain data index and query API service layer based on the Web3.0 ecosystem, making DApp data access easier and faster.

4. The principle is to index the blockchain data and generate sub-graphs, thus allowing fast digital human interface.

5. Digital person index: provide a fair ranking algorithm and define the value scale

6. The Force of Digital People: providing the self-evolution of blockchain systems and applications

7. Digital human virtual machine: provide the construction of blockchain application ecological environment

8. Beyond the technological dimension of the metauniverse

[SZR Digital People] Global advantages:

1. The world’s first decentralized digital cloud space platform

2. The first parent currency+space station+human brain neuron+digital human identity system

3. One-stop ecological application platform

4. Complete scientist tool flow system

5. Let digital currency lovers learn more easily.

6. The circulation is less than that of standard BTC

7. Global Vision The world’s first digital person consensus underlying public chain

8. Multi-stage ecological development

9. Permanent vitality, the first digital human project in the history of blockchain

SZR may become a new era in the blockchain world. Let’s focus on its growth with a global perspective, and let all lovers find their own wealth direction here. It is the blue sea and blue sky of global consensus lovers.

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